Find Suppliers of Dates Fruits


The date fruit has an important part in Islamic faith. Packed in minerals, fibers, and vitamins, dates are conventionally served as a pre-dawn meal for the Muslims; they also break their fast at sunset every day during the holy month of Ramadan to regain their lost energy.

The sweet-smelling date fruits are particularly grown in the North Africa and Middle East. The types of dates which come in huge varieties play a significant role in building economy of many countries. In 2016, the global trading in dates, either fresh or dried, touched $1.4 billion. The figure is a five-fold rise since 2001. Moreover, from 2012 to 2016 the date trade developed at the rate of 14% in an average.


Dates fruit Exporters utilize the fruit for getting more revenues. They can work straight with growers. It can be done in the way that dates are chosen by the exporter earlier than their arrival during plant processing time. After they are chosen, the exporter passes them to the packing plant and they are subsequently packed in different-sized boxes. After that, the boxes are opened up and any smashed or uneven patches are discovered for any probable problems in time of delivery.


The date fruits are many. The types of dates that are much popular among the people are:

Piarom Dates, Barhi Dates, Medjool Dates, Deglet Noor Dates, Deglet Noor Dates, Rabbi Dates, Halawy Dates Barhi Dates, Dayri Dates, Thoory, Mazafati Dates, Sayer Dates, Khudri Dates, Zahidi Dates, Safawi Dates, Sukkari Dates, and Khudri Dates.

The buyers or dates fruit Exporters must know the types of dates they are going to buy as all the dates are not similar. In addition, the buyers must be able to distinguish synthetic dates from real ones. There are a number of companies which frequently sell fake dates and deceive the buyers. Fake dates fruit can never give you the huge benefits of dates that people enjoy for their health and well-being.


Unless tested and confirmed about the sources of dates, the buyers shouldn’t buy them in huge quantity. They need to be aware of all the additional choices those dates can provide.


Of course, a large number of these companies sell their harvests in both ways: in loose and in canned forms. Again, there are some exporters who are not economically strong and can’t make the packaging; they sell their products in loose form or in smaller cans. When a company sells canned dates, it is easier to confirm the selling of their quality dates fruit.


There are many different places online or offline that might be the source of buying dates fruit. For exporting or using for your own, whatever it might be, it is important to know the type and quality of dates before you buy. In order to derive maximum benefits of dates, the products must be pure and tested.