Malaysia Provides a Wide Range of Dates Fruits Suppliers

November 2, 2021 , Suppliers of Dates


For the longest time I have been trying to hunt down Malaysia’s best Date Fruits Suppliers. If you are a lover of the sweet, juicy nature of these fruits then this country has some of the finest varieties around. What is more difficult to locate these fruits in stores outside Malaysia however? How about locating suppliers within the country itself? I have some suggestions for you here on how you can find those suppliers who only source from within Malaysia.

The first place to check out is the local hawker centre. These places are normally run by middle-aged retirees who have been doing this for decades. These are the folks who probably know all about Malaysia and what is available in terms of fruit and vegetables. There are many who will be selling dates and other such fruits at very competitive prices. Some even boast of having been personally imported from China!

One tip you can use is to get information from hawker centres or roadside stalls. This will give you a true insight into the kind of prices you can expect to pay. On the other hand, if you still can’t get a hold of anyone at these places, try calling up your local branch of the LCC ( Malaysian Coffee and Tea Corporation). Most of them do supply their outlets within the country.

You could also try contacting small local vendors such as farmers or shop owners. You will have to approach them one at a time and explain about your requirements for dates. You may be able to negotiate a good price depending on the quantities you require. You must understand that quality dates are a lot more costly than others, so getting hold of them at low prices is very important.

The internet is an excellent resource for suppliers. There are many websites offering to send fresh dates straight to your doorstep. It can also save you a lot of time hunting down these dates in rural areas of peninsular Malaysia. You may also come across regional distributors who also buy and sell dates. It is worth enquiring about this, as they may also offer discounts.

It is worth noting that you could always get dates from any of the local growers in Malaysia. They grow the fruits by hand, so are very knowledgeable and experienced. However, if you are looking for the best quality and value for money when purchasing flowers or fruits, the best option would be to go to wholesalers. You can find them by doing an internet search; choose the wholesaler you want to work with, and make sure they stock only top quality, fresh flowers and fruits. The right wholesale distributor will ensure that your products reach you fresh, ready to sell!