Significant Dried Fruits

October 26, 2022 , dried fruits

Properties of dried fruit for blood patients

The body needs iron to produce its own red blood cells. If this element is not enough in the body, anemia occurs. Due to the drying process, dried fruits have a large amount of nutrients compared to fresh fruits. By consuming different types of dried fruits, including dried apricots, dried plums and raisins, you can provide the amount of iron needed by the body. In this way, the risk of anemia is reduced.

Dried apricots also contain large amounts of potassium; A very useful element that can be associated with benefits and properties such as preventing high blood pressure and heart palpitations, which makes it useful for heart health.

Properties of dried fruit for oral health

Whatever we say, the benefits of using dried fruit for skin health cannot be ignored. Dried fruits can also be very effective for skin health. For example, dried mangoes contain omega-3 and other nutrients and can be beneficial for glowing and healthy skin. Raisins also contain a substance called resveratrol, an antioxidant chemical compound that is considered a natural anti-aging agent. By including dried fruit in your diet, you can have fresher and healthier skin.

Dried fruits contain more antioxidants than fresh fruits. One of the benefits and properties of antioxidants is to prevent oxidation of LDL cholesterol and blockage of blood vessels in the body. For example, eating dried berries can prevent blood clots in blood vessels. This issue, in turn, makes the blood flow easily in the veins and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke is reduced to a great extent.