Copper Pots With Ajwa Dates in Malaysia

November 2, 2021 , Suppliers of Dates


The Ajwa dates in Malaysia have been heralded as the new range of prefect gifts to celebrate the new year. This traditional copper and brass heater dates from Borneo. This type of copper pottery is found in many locales of Malaysia, and has been made there for many years. One of the most important types of Ajwa dates in Malaysia is an electric water heater that has an element of a dragon carved into it, to bring luck and good fortune to the family.

These Ajwa dates in Malaysia have copper heating elements that come with a dragon figure on them. The dragon figures are usually intricately designed. A copper bowl may also be used with the copper heating elements. This combination is known to bring good luck to whoever carries this pot or kettle all the year long.

Copper pots have always been used by the Malays as a special gift on special occasions. In fact, these copper dishes have always been symbols of prosperity for the Malays. A copper pot would be a symbol of strength, courage and endurance for whatever task the family is undertaking. It is also known to bring wealth to its owner. These copper utensils have been carried from generation to generation. And now after many years, this copper utensil is still one of the most sought after gifts all over the world.

Another unique copper characteristic of Ajwa dates in Malaysia is its color. Copper is a neutral color and it’s known to bring love and good fortune to whoever carries it. The dragon is also the national emblem of Malaysia. As it happens, a copper pot is also used as a symbol of national identity among the Malays. Thus, when given as a gift to someone, it signifies that this person is a Malaysian and belongs to the nation.

These dragon and star shaped Ajwa dates are widely used in cooking. They’re commonly used for making rice, noodles and also stews. They’re known to have a lot of medicinal benefits and properties as well, making them highly in demand among the locals and foreigners alike.

For centuries, these copper pots and dishes have been greatly appreciated in Malaysia. They’re used during special occasions, for holding important meals or for just fun. And they’ve always been associated with fortune, prosperity and strength. Moreover, they’re used to represent the national identity of Malays, who are deeply religious people. Now, as they’re becoming more popular in the rest of the world as well, they’re now available for purchase worldwide.