How to Find a Reliable Dates Fruit Supplier

October 5, 2021 , Suppliers of Dates

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Connect2 Industries provides access to global industry news, analysis and reports on sugar, dates, nuts, tea and coffee. You will also get a chance to connect with other Date buyers and sellers on this website. The Sugar Industry Association of India (SIAI) is the trade association of sugar manufacturing industries. SIAI provides information on sugar production, handling, marketing, wholesale and retail of sugar. The Sugar Association also gives you information on suppliers of dates, sugar cane and sugar beets. Sugar Australia is a trade body of sugar producing industries in Australia.

Connect2 Industries has an extensive directory of suppliers of all types of dates and fruit. It also provides access to information on sugar producing factories located throughout India. Indian dates are one of the best sellers in the international market. India is a major producer of dates, especially of the ‘export quality’ quality. The demand for local, native and plantation produced dates in the international market continues to increase. The export of dates from India is growing at a rapid rate, giving rise to numerous opportunities for date farmers in India.

The growth rate of sugar cane and fruit output has increased tremendously in the past few years. Increased yields from improved irrigation, planting of drought tolerant grasses and improved pest control have also led to an increased demand for dates in the international market. Today, in addition to conventional ‘mature’, ‘green’ and ‘drying’ fruits, we have dates of all shapes and varieties, from small berries, round ones to large cuts.

Dried or pickled dates are gaining popularity and are preferred by health conscious people. Many health food stores and nutritionists promote the consumption of these dried fruits, especially those with a high sugar content. Indian dates are generally considered to be of high quality. You will get good discounts when you buy them from reputed suppliers.

We can also locate reliable suppliers – online – who can deliver to us right across our nation or border. These suppliers can deliver to us at our doorsteps or send us our packages, depending upon the shipping option we choose. We can also place orders through online, through phone or mail. Most of the suppliers – both online and phone – give us a free trial to sample their products. We can then evaluate them and make our choice.

As a buyer, it’s a good idea to go through the company website and check for their policies on returns, refunds and exchange policies. You should also find out if they provide any type of certificate of authenticity. Some suppliers of dates may try to pass off fake dates as the genuine article and fool buyers. It’s a good idea to ask questions about their delivery and shipping methods and any other questions you may have regarding their products. We should also ensure that the dates we order are not expired or damaged before we dispatch them.

We can send dates to us in various forms such as in jugs, in boxes, in bags, in cans and in any other form which can be received as a gift. We just need to ensure that the quality is good and that the package is well packed. We can also send them in bulk, so that more can be enjoyed. They can last for months or even years and hence, a small investment can add a lot of value to our lives.